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  • Borrowing Base Essentials - Free e-module!

    Borrowing Base Essentials - Free e-module!

    Borrowing Base Certificate

    FREE self-study e-learning module


    This module provides an introduction to the 6 part operations series. The focus of the module is on the borrowing base certificate, providing an in-depth look at both the key calculations and also the source material presented by the borrower. Practical examples are used as a basis for discussion.

    Prestudy - elearning module

    • Working Capital Cycle
    • Ineligibles
    • Aging, Cross-aging and Contra calculations
    • Availability calculations
    • Exercises

    This free emodule is the first emodule in our set of 6 self-study and virtual workshops in the field of Operations. The set of virtual workshops starts on January 14, 2015


    Paula Caldwell, Marquette Business Credit

    Nelson Jimenez, ABL Consultant

    The virtual workshop expands on the contents of the e-learning module. The presenters will work through some actual examples of borrowing-base certificates and the associated back-up material to demonstrate not just the calculations, but the key questions to be asked to manage risk effectively.

  • Demo E-learning Module

    A short extract to give you a sample of CFA e-learning

    Click to the right to view a brief sample from a Factoring Fundamentals e-learning module

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